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Apply for Green card through Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of status is the process that you can use to apply for lawful permanent resident status (also known as applying for a Green Card) when you are present in the United States. This means that you may get a Green Card without having to return to your home country to complete visa processing.

How can we help?

  1. We will Determine if you are eligible to apply for a Green Card/permanent resident status  

  2. After reviewing your case thoroughly, we will determine which petition fits your specific situation and will file the respective forms on your behalf. 

  3. To save you time and money we will check for Visa availability (if applicable) 

  4. We will file I-485 on your behalf and other forms as needed

  5. You will get a notice for your biometrics service appointment to provide your fingerprint. 

  6. Prepare you for your interview (If necessary) 

  7. Respond to request for additional evidence (most lawyers will charge you again for this step, however we are so sure of our work that this service is included if you hire us at no additional charges) 

  8. USCIS will send us a written decision notice. If your application is approved, you will get your permanent residents’ card a little later. If your application is denied, you can either appeal the decision or file a motion to reopen or reconsider depending on your specific case.

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