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Renewal/ Replacement of Green Card

  1. You can start the process of renewing when your green card is either expired or will expire within the next six months.

  2. Your previous card was lost, stolen, mutilated, or destroyed.

  3. You have a previous version of the Alien Registration Card (for example, USCIS Form AR-3, Form AR-103 or Form I-151, which are no longer valid to prove your immigration status) and must replace it with a current Green Card.

  4. Your card contains incorrect information.

  5. You have legally changed your name or other biographic information on the card since you last received your card; or

  6. You never received the previous card we issued to you.


How can we help?

We will process your form I-90 online or by mail, submit required evidence and supporting documents and fees, upon completion of these steps we will receive a receipt from USCIS, and you will receive a biometric appointment notice. Once necessary background checks are processed, USCIS will send you your new card in the mail.

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